My name is Angelica Lo Duca, alias alod83. I’m a Researcher with a MS in Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science. I work in the Research and Technology fields at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of National Research Council, Italy.

My research interests include: Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Storytelling, Data Visualisation, Data Journalism and Web Applications.

I used to work on Network Security, Semantic Web, Linked Data and Blockchain.

I’m also a professor at the University of Pisa, teaching Data Journalism. I have always enjoyed learning new things and then teaching them to others.

I have published three books:

Learning and Operating Presto (O'Reilly Media)

Comet for Data Science (Packt Publishing)

I welcome you to my Blog! Enjoy readings!

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Angelica Lo Duca

Angelica Lo Duca

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Researcher | +50k monthly views | I write on Data Science, Python, Tutorials, and, occasionally, Web Applications | Book Author of Comet for Data Science