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Data Storytelling with Generative AI

An overview of my last book, published by Manning Publications

Angelica Lo Duca


When I teach my students how to build data visualization charts, I always tell them to consider two main aspects.

First, the message to communicate. Don’t leave your charts too generic, without any focus, and only representing raw data. Tell a story with your data. Extract an insight that is significant to you and fight to communicate it.

Next, consider the audience. Calibrate your message for your intended audience, boss, technical experts, or the general public.

The book Data Storytelling with Generative AI using Python and Altair is a result of my studies and experience as an educator and teacher.

In this book, you’ll learn how to transform your raw data visualization charts into wonderful stories using two main tools: Python Altair, which is a data visualization library, and three Generative AI tools: ChatGPT, DALL-E, and GitHub Copilot.

Grab your copy today and transform your charts into data stories.

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