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My name is Angelica Lo Duca, alias alod83. I’m a Computer Scientist with a PhD in Computer Science. I work in the Research and Technology fields at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of National Research Council, Italy.

My research interests include: Data Science, Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Data Visualisation…

Data Analysis

A ready-to-run code including preprocessing, parameters tuning and model running and evaluation.

Image by Buffik from Pixabay

In this short tutorial I illustrate a complete data analysis process which exploits the scikit-learn Python library. The process includes

  • preprocessing, which includes features selection, normalization and balancing
  • model selection with parameters tuning
  • model evaluation

The code of this tutorial can be downloaded from my Github Repository.

Load Dataset

Firstly, I load…

Data Visualization

A ready-to-run code to create a Map on lists of items extracted from Wikipedia through Selenium, GeoPy and Folium

How to Transform Data Extracted from Wikipedia into a Map
Image by Author

In this tutorial I describe a strategy to extract geographical items from Wikipedia, organized in lists and then show them into a geographical map. I exploit the following Python libraries:

  • selenium, which is a Python library for data extraction from any Web site. For more details on how to use…

Data Entry

A tutorial on how to install Django and exploit it to quickly build a Web interface for data entry

Image by Innova Labs from Pixabay

In this article I describe a simple strategy to build a fast Web Interface for data entry in Django. The article covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Django
  • Install Django
  • Create a new Project
  • Create a New App
  • Create your Database
  • Build the Data Entry Web Interface

1 Overview of Django

Django is a…

Data Science

Some tips on how to improve your search strategies on Google

The steps to preform a data science search on Google Images
Image by Author

Over the last years, searching on Google for the right answer to our questions has become one of the most challenging tasks. No matter which problem you have. The ability is finding the right answer on the Web.

Data Scientists have the same problem: whether they have to solve a…

Technology, Data Science, Learning

Some suggestions to find funds for your Data Science ideas and projects.

4 steps to turn your idea into a funded project
Image by Author

All the Data Scientists hide at least on Data Science idea in their heart. However, due to time constraints or lack of money, they do not transform their ideas into a project.

In this article, I propose a strategy to turn your idea into a Data Science project. …

Data Science, Beginners, Database

Pros and Cons of relational and non relational databases.

Relational VS Non Relational Databases
Image by Author

Choosing the right database for storing your data is not always an easy choice. In fact, if in the first instance, the use of a relational database might seem more natural, in some cases this choice may not be successful.

In this article I try to describe the differences between…


A quick overview of the concept of Hypothesis Testing, its classification in parametric and non-parametric tests, and when to use the most popular ones.

Hypothesis Test Diagram
Image by Author

What is Hypothesis Testing

According to Jim Frost, Hypothesis Testing is a form of inferential statistics that allows us to draw conclusions about an entire population based on a representative sample [..] In most cases, it is simply impossible to observe the entire population to understand its properties. …

A beginner’s guide to using Twitter as a place where learning is free, fun, and interactive

Image credit: Wachiwit.

Studying requires a lot of time, as well as a methodology. In this article, I propose a strategy to improve your knowledge by exploiting the power of Twitter.

In detail, I propose 6 tips to transform Twitter into a very powerful tool of knowledge, which also allows you to maintain…


A possible strategy to study whether there were unreported cases of Coronavirus.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and, since then, the number of infections has progressively increased. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, there were no certain criteria for determining the number of infections, which was certainly underestimated.

In this article, I propose…

Angelica Lo Duca

Top 1000 Medium Writer in May, June and July 2021. I write on Data Science, Python, Tutorials and, occasionally, Web Applications.

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